If you’ve landed on this post then you’re probably already a Shopify user or you’re considering the platform. In that case, it’s important to say that Shopify is a powerhouse platform. It has everything you need to sell online, on social media, and in person. And while the platform itself is robust on its own, there are countless apps available to optimize your store in seemingly every way possible. So, today we’re going to share with you a few free Shopify apps that’ll help you boost your sales!

5 Free Shopify apps to boost sales

Before we get started, Shopify Apps are a great way to introduce third-party functions into your general Shopify user-experience. They’re simple to install and do not alter the general user-friendly functions of your dashboard. If you install an App that you later decide is not the right fit for you or your store, they’re very simple to uninstall.

Now, without further ado, let’s hop into the five free Shopify apps that will help you boost your sales.

1. Countdown Cart; create urgency

Human psychology research shows that if something is shown to be running out, a person will want it more. With the Countdown Cart App, you can create a little urgency for your shoppers. You can create different countdowns depending on what best suits your store at the time. This is a great app to use if you’re running a sale to remind your shoppers that the sale will expire. Do you have a best-selling product that sells out frequently? Add an inventory countdown to the product page to encourage your shoppers to go ahead and pull the trigger! This app is a great tool to improve your conversions.

2. Happy email; create a personal connection

So, while this app doesn’t offer a full marketing solution, it does make quite an impact. You can send out welcome emails to your customers 30 minutes after their first purchase. The cool thing is, you can actually set the email to come through from the founder’s email (or really, anyone’s email that you want). Be sure to make the email nice and personal to ensure an instant connection. You’ll definitely see an improvement in customer loyalty to your brand. Here’s a great example of an email:

3. Smile.io; reward your customers

Sometimes your customers need a little motivation. With the Smile.io app, you can easily set up your very own rewards program that’s fun and engaging. This app works seamlessly with your Shopify store on both mobile and desktop. Rewarding your customers is great motivation for them to remain loyal to your brand. They’re more likely to return to your store, share with their friends, and become repeat customers.

There are many different ways you can reward your customers. Create programs for: purchases, customer referrals, account registrations, social shares & follows, and birthday rewards!

4. snapppt; make your instagram feed shoppable

It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile. And social media has proven to be a powerful partner for e-commerce. With the Snapppt app, you can bridge the gap between your Instagram profile and your store.

5. Personalized recommendations; give your customers what they want

This app works by analyzing your customer’s unique preferences and their sales history to make personalized recommendations for products they may like at checkout. This app creates a much more personal shopping experience for your customers and inspires sales.

If you’re looking to get started with or to take your online store to the next level, get in touch! We’re Shopify Experts!