We got this ball rolling last week when we shared these Amazon listing promotion tips. As you know, connecting your Shopify site with Amazon opens the door for all kinds of opportunities. Chief among them, an increase in sales. With these Amazon listing promotion tips, you can’t go wrong!

Amazon Listing Promotion Tips

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Get more reviews

It’s pretty common knowledge that reviews are important when it comes to online sales. They provide your customer with a first hand experience of your business and your product that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Encouraging reviews is a key ingredient to increasing your sales.

It’s important to note, Amazon recently changed its review policy. Amazon now bans reviews for discounted or free products for Professional Sellers. It became standard practice for businesses to incentivize reviews by offering customers a deal in return. The good news is that now the review game is on a level playing field for all.

So how do you encourage reviews without any incentive? Simply follow up! Amazon’s policy allows for you to follow up with your customers after they’ve purchased from your store to check on the transaction experience. Go ahead and request a review at that time. Something as simple as this will work: “if you’re pleased with the product and my service, please share your experience here” then link to your review section.

Consider sponsored ads

You should take full advantage of the platform Amazon provides for you and your Shopify store. One of the many benefits of listing your products on Amazon is having access to sponsored advertising.

These ads are a pay-per-click program and they show up in prime locations on a desktop computer. Using this feature allows you to get your products directly in front of your ideal customers.

Participate in promotions and programs

So, including your products in Amazon hosted promotional programs is an excellent way to increase sales. You definitely don’t want to always have your products on promotion or discounted, but it is a great way to jump start your product’s performance on Amazon.

Amazon’s Lightning Deals is a great option to consider as well as the Early Review Program. Both, if done within the early stages of your Amazon experience, can have a positive effect on your listing’s performance.

Direct your followers to your store

It’s customary for brands to spend their energy directing traffic to their online stores. It’s still hugely beneficial to direct traffic to your Amazon listing despite the infinite number of reasons to put all your effort into getting external traffic onto your own site,

Increased site traffic is important, yes. But remember how important it is for your product to 1) perform well on Amazon and 2) how Amazon provides an easy platform to collect reviews. Well, by driving external traffic to your Amazon listing, you’re increasing the opportunity for success. Because remember, a successful experience on Amazon can translate into success for your Shopify site as well.

So, successfully promote your Amazon Listing with these helpful tips!