As an entrepreneur, it can be really tough to know where to focus your energy. At any given moment, countless things are vying for your attention: new products need to be developed, customer requests are pouring in, and somehow or another you have to keep tabs on all the things. So, just keeping the business in working order can be exhausting. But you also have to master the art of marketing. Luckily for you, Shopify integrates with some powerful and innovative businesses that make your entrepreneurial life easier. So now, we’re going to share with you the benefits of using Hubspot with Shopify.

What are the benefits of using HubSpot with Shopify?

1. increase your sales

So here’s the deal, distractions happen. And some people shop “for fun,” leaving all their wonderful treasures in their cart forever and ever amen. But when you integrate HubSpot with Shopify, you can decrease the number of items left in someone’s cart and increase your sales. 

The Baymard Institute actually discovered that over 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned. (Told you distractions happen…) That’s a whole lot of lost potential revenue. HubSpot allows for you to employ automatic workflows to send out follow-up emails to anyone who has left items hanging out in their carts. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder to get back on track, right?

2. cultivate customer loyalty

People like to feel seen. With HubSpot’s automated but personalized communication tools, you can nurture meaningful relationships with your customers. And we all know that meaningful relationships translate into loyal customers.

You want to develop the kind of relationship with your customers that 1) keeps them coming back for more, 2) gets them talking about your brand, and 3) has them acting like your brand sales associates.

With the automated personalized communication tools, you can inspire purchase decisions and influence their impression of your brand. You can: send personalized welcome emails, send follow-up emails after a purchase, request product reviews, and let your customers know about other products they may be interested in based on their previous shopping behavior.

3. narrow in on what’s working & what isn’t

HubSpot’s reporting system is pretty cool. You can sync all of your customer and order data with HubSpot’s smart lists and reporting tools. Why does that matter? Well, you can get invaluable insights into which customers, channels, and content are performing the best!

So, with these reporting tools, you can see how your customers are finding your site, which of your marketing efforts are proving most effective, which products are selling the best, and what your different buyer personas are actually purchasing.

4. tap into hubspot’s powerful toolkit

Don’t make things harder than they need to be. With HubSpot’s suite of powerful tools, you can keep track of all of the important things without all the effort.

  • Visitor tracking
  • Lead intelligence
  • Social media monitoring

The point here is to customize and personalize your customer’s experience. These tools allow for you to:

  • prioritize products your customers have purchased before
  • personally welcome returning customers with customized messages
  • prioritize social media engagement

These tools keep your customers engaged with your store and increase your revenue.

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