Black Friday Cyber Monday has become somewhat of an Olympic event for online store owners. With sale events extending well beyond the four day shopping extravaganza, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Simply offering a minimal blanket discount is sadly no longer enough.

Black Friday Cyber Monday

surviving black friday cyber monday Deal overload

There are a few things that contribute to the BFCM difficulty. Advertising rates tend to spike at this time of year, stores offer week-long blowouts instead of weekend-long deals, and promo emails flood inboxes everywhere. Getting your customer’s attention and enticing them to take action is more difficult than ever. The competition is fierce. But you can’t just offer deep discounts because hello, profit margins. So what can you do?

promotional ideas to stand out during black friday cyber monday

1. Product bundles

Bundling your products together for a special rate immediately gives your customers the impression they’re getting an awesome deal. This also makes shopping for them much easier. And everyone is hunting for a simple, great deal. Take the work out of their holiday shopping with bundles.

2. Turn your deals into a game

Turning your BFCM deals into a fun game for your customers is easy with various Shopify Apps. This strategy allows your customers to “play to win” your offers. It’s a great way to get your customers engaged.

3. Offer daily deals

Keeping the momentum throughout your entire sale period can be a real struggle, especially if you only offer a blanket percentage. Offering daily deals puts a clock on the offer which encourages your customers to take action. It also keeps customers intrigued throughout your entire sale cycle.

4. Offer a free gift with purchase

If discounting your products isn’t your jam (and hey, no judgement here), you can still entice customer engagement with a free gift. Some store owners prefer not to discount their products as to not mess with the integrity of quality. And that’s totally acceptable. You can source a super fun and relevant free gift to offer your customers during BFCM so they can still get some special treatment.

5. Donate to a cause

Some brands choose not to run promotional deals at all. Instead, many choose to donate a portion or all of their proceeds to a charity of choice. Find one that’s either near and dear to your heart or relevant to your business, and you’d be surprised how enticing this strategy can be. Plus, you get to do some good which is always a win

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