Even with Shopify’s mission to simplify the online retail store owner’s experience, shipping can be the bane of your existence. We know. We hear it time and time again from our clients. But Shopify is always looking to improve, and their latest update will have online retailers jumping for joy. You can now bulk print shipping labels!

Finally, printing your shipping labels just got a whole lot faster! With this update, you can now buy and print shipping labels for multiple orders at one time.

Source: https://www.shopify.com/blog/bulk-label-printing

Want to start printing shipping labels in bulk?

So, save your precious time and fulfill orders more efficiently. In fact, this update comes just in time to make your holiday season run more smoothly. Your customers will definitely appreciate how quickly you get your items into their hands!

This update is free for any merchant in Canada and the United States, as long as you buy your shipping labels through Shopify.

So, Get started here.

Rather than fighting with another shipping provider, use Shopify shipping. This may just be the incentive you’ve been waiting for!

Quicker Shipping in Fewer Steps

Are you ready to move fast? Well, good. You want speed and simplicity. So, bulk shipping was designed with you in mind. You can no do everything right from your order’s list.

Let’s get ya movin’
  1. Select up to 1o items that are ready to be shipped from the order’s list.
  2. From there, preview each shipment. Adjust or fill in any information that may be necessary or missing. This includes carrier, shipping service, and package.
  3. Buy each of your shipping labels with just one click. You can print them as a single PDF.
  4. Finally, go ahead and drop your packages off at the post office and smile to yourself as you walk right past that long line.

So, it’s time to get started with your own Shopify store!  We’re Shopify experts who can get you set up for success!