Your online store’s success depends entirely on people purchasing your products. But how are you supposed to balance everything? Perfecting your products, managing your store, and converting your site traffic into loyal customers is hard work! Well, Shopify & Hubspot are taking e-commerce marketing to the next (simplified) level to help you out!

Sophisticated e-commerce Marketing

Shopify & HubSpot partnered up to simplify and amplify e-commerce marketing. In fact, Shopify founder and CEO says; “We’re looking forward to deepening our relationship with HubSpot in pursuit of our shared mission to give all companies, big or small, access to the tools they need to start up and scale up.”

That’s right! Shopify is so invested in the success of their customers that they’ve partnered up with the most robust inbound marketing platform around.

So, What does that mean for you?

This powerful integration will put you in the driver’s seat of all things inbound marketing for your store. So, what exactly does that mean? Well,

  • See online sales, organize and analyze purchasing patterns, and measure customer lifetime value.
  • Send transactional emails
  • Establish cart abandonment marketing by automatically recovering those carts with a customized HubSpot workflow.
  • Build workflows around shopping carts to target past customers to convert them into repeat customers.
  • Utilize the dynamic coupon code generator to create single-use coupons on the fly to send to leads or customers.

e-Commerce marketing doesn’t have to make your head spin. With this new Shopify integration, you can take charge of your inbound marketing without being an expert. So, get started with Shopify Beta here and take your store to the next level.

Starting an online store of your own seems like a good idea? You can also get in touch with us here to get your Shopify store set up for success. We’re Shopify Experts who can put you on the fast track to success.