Returns after the holidays are inevitable. And adopting a simple, transparent and general return policies can inspire trust and confidence in your customers. You want your e-commerce return policy to encourage customers to buy; and offering a return window of 30-days can increase conversions by 57%. 

e-Commerce Returns: best practices

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There are plenty of return tactics available. But you’ll want to do your research to find which one best serves your business.

Create a simple, trustworthy return policy

Ever gone to look up a store’s return policy and feel like you need a law degree to translate it? Don’t do that to your customers. Create a policy that’s clean, short, and straight to the point. A straightforward return policy can actually help your brand earn trust. How? Well, about 80% of shoppers will look at your return policy before purchasing. So, a short, clear return policy that your shoppers can understand quickly inspires trust.

Automate your return process

With Shopify Plus, you can actually automate much of your return process. This will save you so much time and ensure there aren’t any hiccoughs. This also helps you protect your customer’s experience during one of your busiest times or year.

Put your return policy front & center

Let your clear and easy return policy work for you! Your return policy, as we mentioned earlier, can inspire a lot of trust in your brand. Plus, it’s always best to be upfront with that kind of communication.

Offer refund flexibility & choices

Shoppers like the freedom to choose, so give them some options:

  • Reordering and receiving a new item of similar value
  • Getting their original payment back in the form of a refund
  • Receiving a store credit, gift card, or other form of currency that may be used later to purchase something from you

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