Loyal, engaged customers are the best customers for an e-commerce store. You want them coming back time and again, and you definitely want them to tell your friends about you. But how are you supposed to develop and nurture that relationship when you run an online store? Easy. Email marketing with Constant Contact.

Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Constant Contact

You’ve likely heard about email marketing. It’s possible you’ve even tried your hand at it at time or two. But without the right platform, it’s easy to drown in the process. Designing templates, creating automations, coming up with copy. It can all be a bit much. It might even have you questioning if it’s possible to get by without email marketing all together. And truthfully, sure. You could. But it’s possible your e-commerce store will suffer without it.

email made easy with constant contact

What does Constant Contact offer to simplify the whole complicated process? Well, everything.

  • Beautiful templates that capture attention
  • An easy-to-use editing tool
  • Powerful tools to help you build your lists (this is so important)
  • Expert advice
  • Live support

Connect with your customers. Grow your business. Watch your big-time results pour in in real time.

Why email marketing?

Research shows that 98.4% of consumers check their email daily. It’s important for you to meet and connect with your customers where they’re already hanging out. And clearly, that’s their inbox. Email marketing has proven to be the most effective tool for brand awareness, customer acquisition, conversions, and customer retention.

Email marketing engages your customers. It prompts them to take action, whether that’s them clicking “buy now,” browsing your inventory, or passing the email along to a friend. This is your chance to get their individual attention. And let’s face it, in the online world, that’s tough to do.

Boost your customer engagement with Constant Contact

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