As a business owner, we’re sure you’re familiar with what an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is. But you might not be aware that it serves a much greater purpose than simply answering frequent questions.

If you do it right, an FAQ page can effectively serve your website in several different ways.

FAQ page details

Why should I add an FAQ page to my website?

  1. Answer your customers questions. Feel free to get creative with it! Use this page as an opportunity to display your brand voice and to connect with your customers!
  2. Your customers may have purchase anxiety. Your FAQ page can eradicate those anxieties by addressing specific product experiences.
  3. An FAQ page can actually be a vital member of your customer service team. By providing your customers with a thorough FAQ page, you’ll reduce the number of inquiries your customer service representatives will get.
  4. Improve your site navigation and optimize your SEO.
  5. Earn your customer’s trust. Your customers will begin to trust your authority and expertise while you provide in-depth explanations about your products and business model.

How to decide if you should have an FAQ page.

  • Your customers email you often with the same questions. Addressing these questions publicly will allow your website to continue to work for you.
  • You provide original content on your website that you’d like to direct new visitors to. An FAQ page would allow for you to direct new site visitors to old content that provides answers to questions they may have.
  • If your products and/or services often require a bit of an explanation.

You can overcome some major customer objections with your frequently asked questions page. How you choose to address those concerns will position your brand as a voice of authority. Try to get inside your customer’s heads and use a language they’ll respond and connect to. Answering the questions your customers have before they’ve even posed them allows for your business to take responsibility for any shortcomings and overcome them.

We’d be happy to discuss how to add a well-done FAQ page to your website. Get in touch!