There are certain things that will cost you time and money as a business owner that are unavoidable. But luckily fraud, which will cost you time, money, peace of mind, and even customers, is avoidable. It’s important for you to capture payments for secure orders without wasting time pouring over orders checking for signs of fraud. And when you’re just starting out, one order lost to a fraudulent chargeback can have a powerful impact to your cashflow as a business. But Shopify just announced Fraud Protect for Shopify payments, which will help all Shopify merchants sleep better at night.

Fraud Protect for Shopify Payments

Fraud Protect: what is it?

We like to think of it as peace of mind. But Shopify explains it as an automatic way to protect your orders. This allows for you to spend your time focused on growing your business instead of pouring over incoming orders sniffing out fraud.

How does fraud protect work?

It’s easy, actually. Fraud protect charges a small fee for every order protected. But the cool part is, if fraud happens to slip through, Shopify will automatically reimburse your costs, including the fees.

It’s now available for all US merchants. So, you can go ahead and get started protecting your orders today.

What does this mean for your business?

Well, you can sell more securely. This allows for you to quickly fulfill each and every order and provide top notch speedy service for your customers. Fraud protect gives you the power to process all your protected orders confidently. And now you don’t have to manually review each and every order. How’s that for a win?

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