Google has been at the forefront of digital marketing since practically the beginning of time. All the powerful tools the search engine provides make marketing your e-commerce store even easier. But they’ve recently announced some big changes that we thought were worth mentioning.

Google News

Hey Google? What’s happening?

Google + is closing down.

Is anyone all that surprised here? The official word is that the shut down is due to lack of use and security issues. The social networking platform launched nearly seven years ago. And while it managed to have some impact on the social interwebs, it’s been dying a slow death the last few years as Google stopped pushing it. It’ll wind down through the course of the next ten months, completing it’s shut down in August of 2019. Don’t worry — Google will provide you with everything you need to know including ways to download and migrate your data.

Adwords changes to Google Ads

When Adwords launched nearly 18 years ago, its primary focus was on search words. But through the years, many advancements surrounding ad delivery methods have been developed with the focus shifting from desktop search to prioritizing mobile everything.

This shift into prioritizing mobile is huge for the world of e-commerce. And this allows you to target your exact customer with mobile-only search campaigns, ads, video, and universal app campaigns. They provide plenty of options, and their only expanding their capabilities.


Reserve with Google is a backend tool that connects listings to assorted booking tools while keeping the transaction process within the Google interface.

They are expanding their capabilities for transactions in local search via Google Reserve. You will be able to embed calls-to-action directly into the Local 3-Pack search results.

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