The holidays are upon us, and that’s like music to your e-commerce heart. Fourth quarter tends to be one of the highest grossing for e-commerce businesses everywhere thanks to the gifting season. Want to take full advantage? Here’s how you can use holiday gift guides to boost your sales this season.

Why do you need a holiday gift guide?

holiday gift guide

Research research research

Consumers are researching their purchases more now than ever before. Reports show that 40% of them begin researching their purchases by time November rolls around. And while we’re already deep into the month, the volume of research only increases with each passing day. 91% of people plan to celebrate winter holidays this year, which means you can count on the fact that people are buying gifts.

Research means consumers are hitting the search engines. SEO keyword reports show that Google searches for the term “gift guides” begin to spike as early as October; and they hit their peak in December. So, if you want your store to be included in those search result pages, gift guides are a must.

make shopping your store easy peasy

Most consumers have lists of people to shop for, and their relationships vary. The whole process can feel overwhelming and daunting. What do you get your boss? How about your MIL? What about your sister’s new boyfriend? Keyword research shows that consumers are hunting down gift guides that are curated either by specific relationships (EX: guide guide for Dad) or a shared interest (EX: gift guide for the tech lover).

Gift guides tend to have a pretty high return on the investment of your time. The easier you make shopping on your customer, the more money they’ll spend.

create your own gift guide

Do a little keyword research to determine the type of gift guide that would work best for your target audience. Chances are, you already know who you’re talking to. Are you customers busy moms? Or maybe they’re in to a specific sport. Whatever their interest, gear the gift guide towards them.

And if you’re interested in boosting your sales even more, bundle some of your most popular items to amp up things up.

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