Every online entrepreneur finds themselves at some point asking the question how do I drive more traffic to my website?

You’ve taken the time to perfect your concept, develop a top notch product, and create a beautiful website. You’ve invested in a great web developer and designer. But you open up shop and…crickets. 

Or maybe your site has been preforming really well but you’ve suddenly reached a plateau. Don’t worry, it happens.

In order to grow your business, you need to be generating more traffic to your website on a consistent basis. Increasing your site traffic can result in an increase in conversions and sales while building a base of loyal customers.

But how do I drive more traffic to my site? We’ve got you covered. Increase your site traffic with these five tips!

increase site traffic tips

1. Paid social media advertising

Getting your website in front of your ideal customers is half the battle to increasing your site traffic. You can make that happen by participating in targeted social media ad campaigns. You customize these advertisements and strategically target the customers who are most likely to click through to your website. The end result: a converted site visitor.

Best platforms for social media ads.

Facebook ads. Facebook is the most utilized social media platform that exists today. With over 1.65 billion users, this is the platform that has the most potential to put your advertisement in front of the most targeted audience while increasing your brand recognition.

Instagram ads. Instagram is a close second to Facebook, with a user base composed mostly of  millennials. If your target audience is between 15-35 year olds, Instagram is an excellent tool for you to use. 73% of its half a billion active monthly users are in that age range. Growing your following on your account is a great way to get started, but until you’ve tapped into the audience ads have to offer, you’re not using the platform to its fullest potential.

Pinterest ads. This platform plays a key role in purchase decision making. Reports show that 93% of users plan their purchases using the platform and 52% of those users actually purchase something they’ve first seen on Pinterest. If your ideal customers fall into the DIY crafts, home decor, or fashion niche groups, Pinterest is your ideal platform.

 2. Utilize SEO

The awesome website you just invested in isn’t doing its job If your customers can’t actually find your store online,

As you know, landing your website as the first result on a google search page is ideal. Ranking high on the search results page is hugely helpful in driving sustained, qualified traffic to your website.

To optimize your SEO, fine tune your website to incorporate important, strategic, and relevant keywords. Doing so will increase the chances that your website will appear on a top search results page.

3. Participate in Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with already established influencers with a target audience full of your ideal customers is hugely beneficial. Cultivating a relationship with these influencers affords you the opportunity to put your store in front of their loyal audience who already views the author as a voice of authority.

Research bloggers, youtubers, and social media celebrities who target your desired audience and propose a collaboration or partnership.

4. Contests and giveaways!

A great way to capture attention is to host a fun contest or an exciting giveaway. These are a great way to add a short term boost in your site traffic. The more exciting your prizes, the more attention your giveaway or contest will get.

Gleam, Rafflecopter, or Woobox are great tools to use.

5. Content Marketing

Having a blog is great, but content marketing is so much more than simply adding a blog to your website.

In order for content marketing to be successful, you need to be creating useful, engaging, and informative content. Adding original and relevant content to your website establishes your expertise while allowing you the opportunity to continuously share your website.

You’ll attract targeted site traffic that affords you the chance to convert those visitors into customers.

If you develop and provide useful original content, your online store will be utilized as a resource by your ideal customers. This allows them the opportunity to share your content while also making frequent and consistent visits to your website.

Content marketing also gives you the chance to optimize your online store’s SEO while establishing your website as a resource. By publishing strategic and relevant content full of important keywords, you afford your website the opportunity to rank higher on search engine result pages.

There are other forms of content marketing besides blogging such as video content and audio content.

If producing content isn’t your forte, consider hiring a company like Bliss Creative Services, who handles the content for you.

Add these tips into your arsenal! You’re now prepared to increase traffic to your online store! Remember, increased targeted traffic means more opportunities to convert site visitors into customers while encouraging loyalty!