You may already be familiar with Shopify POS. And if so, then you know that this POS system makes it as easy as possible to sell and accept payments in person. Well, now Shopify has taken things one step further by launching a new hardware to make things even easier! Let us introduce you to the new Shopify chip and swipe reader.

Shopify's New Chip and Swipe Credit Card ReaderThe new Shopify chip and swipe reader was developed by Shopify with its users in mind. Now, with this new hardware, you’re able to take in-person secured payments no matter where you are. Whether you’re selling at a market, pop-up event, or even a permanent retail location, you can use this no fuss system for secured in-person payments.

Introducing Chip

Accept every major debit and credit card with the new Shopify chip and swipe reader. And the new technology allows for your customers to use chip payment. This EMV chip technology is a secure payment option that protects you and your customers from fraud. Don’t worry, if your customers have an older card without a chip, you can still accept swipe payments.

Power that fits in your pocket

Shopify did a great job packing all its power into a tiny package. This compact device is super portable with its bluetooth technology. It’ll connect wirelessly with your Apple iOS or Android device. Bring your store to your customers!

The battery life will impress you. It can last up to a week (or 400 chip transactions) with one single charge. You’ll also receive a base that your reader can sit in that’ll keep it charged at all times.

Simplify growth

Shopify makes things simple for you to sell online and grow your business with new channels. With Shopify POS, you can keep all of your customers, orders, and products in one place.

BONUS: If you’re new to Shopify POS—you’ll receive your first Shopify chip and swipe reader for free. US merchants can purchase the reader for $29.

Interested in getting started with Shopify? Think you could use the Shopify chip and swipe reader? Get in touch with us HERE. We’re Shopify experts and would love to help you get started!