How are you communicating with your customers? Surely you’ve set up your social media platforms and perfected your adorably witty voice. (Kudos to you!) But did you know the most valuable way to connect with your customers is to get in their inbox?

Okay, we heard that collective groan. Managing emails is a lot of work! There’s not a business owner on the planet that doesn’t wish they could make a clone of themselves just to handle their e/mails. Well, luckily, Mailchimp has delivered the next best thing! (But still, seriously, someone get on that cloning thing if possible, okay?)

Mailchimp Automation is Now Free for Everyone

Mailchimp has always offered their basic membership for free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. But the fancy features like automation were only available in the paid version. Well, they’ve heard our cries! Now, no matter which package best suits your business needs, Mailchimp allows for you to set up swanky little automations.

You can continue to chat with your customers like you normally would, but now you don’t have to create a new email every single time someone does something (like shows interest in your e-course or purchases a product).

Put Mailchimp to work for you!

With the automation feature, you can stay on top of your communication game without sacrificing all of the hours in your day. You have all of the best intentions to reach out to that customer who abandoned their cart. Or maybe you wanted to follow up with your customers to see how they liked their purchase. But really, who has time for that?!

Now, with the automation feature, you can set up specific email messages designed to automatically dispatch based on customer behavior! Write the emails once and put them to work for you indefinitely!

Product Recommendations are now free too!

Did all of you e-commerce business owners just sing out!? We don’t blame you! Within your automated emails, you can now make specific product recommendations. Talk about time-saving!