So, you started an online store. Awesome. But now you’re wondering how on earth people are supposed to discover your unique business. Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone in that struggle. Brick and mortar businesses rely heavily on foot traffic; the rent they pay an investment of sorts in their marketing efforts. But when your store solely exists online, you have to get a little creative. In the online space, paying for ads is like paying the rent. And now, it’s even easier with Marketing in Shopify.

marketing in shopify

Marketing in Shopify: Paid ads

Think of paid ads in the online space like the concept of foot traffic in the physical world. And while paid ads offer you the same type of exposure, they can actually be more effective. You get to choose exactly who sees your ads.

But paid ads can be complicated. They’re changing daily and there’s always something new to be learned. So, Marketing in Shopify is meant to help simplify things for you.

Marketing in Shopify is a place to help you create, launch and measure campaigns. But they’ve streamlined the process to make running a successful campaign easier than ever for you.

Start marketing today

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

With Marketing in Shopify, you can start running Google Smart Shopping campaigns today. Smart shopping allows for you to run effective Google campaigns without having to be familiar with the advanced ad settings. Basically, Google’s smart technology will do all the hard work for you.

All you have to do is set a daily budget in Shopify and your campaigns will optimize for the highest sales value by making the strategic decisions for you like: which product to advertise, how much to bid, and who to target.

Facebook ads

You can also start running the most effective Facebook ads straight from Marketing in Shopify: carousel ads. These ads offer you more space to tell a story than traditional static ads. You can include up to five product or images, and the format encourages users to click through to learn more.

Marketing in Shopify has the best practices already plugged in for you to help you get the most out of your efforts.

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