Mobile devices have changed our lives in many ways.  There are two ways to think about your mobile device.  The way you use your device, and how your target customer uses their device.  These devices are a game changer for many business models.  We are more accessible than ever and it is very important to give the right first impression.  You have around 30 seconds to get a lot of information across.  With more and more people using their devices to find information, it is imperative that you have a mobile friendly aka responsive site.  Responsive = any device you view the site on, it adjusts to fit the screen.  On August 15th Google changed the game by saying that non responsive sites would no longer rank on their search engine.  Bottomline… if you want to show up in a google search it is imperative that your site is responsive.  If you are unsure here is a handy tool to help you find out! Mobile Friendly Tool

Closeup shot of laptop with digitaltablet and smartphone on desk. Responsive design web page on their screen. Modern devices on desk at office.

The next level to this is making sure that you are giving the viewer the right experience.  If you are a retail store (or ecommerce) it is really important that you spend quality time testing the experience you are giving to the customer on mobile.  We would highly recommend getting feedback from people you trust.  Starting with the home page all the way through the check out and receipt communications.  We at Arya Creative specialize in building an experience that honors the brand as well as is enjoyable for the customers.

Here are a couple of resources that go into great detail about how to win that customer.

Google Review – Winning Omni-Channel Shopers in their micro-moments. 



Harvard Business Review Micro-moments



While mobile is essential to your brand, you do not have to be an expert to get it right.  We are here to help you build the most effective experience possible.