There are a lot of cool reasons to use the Shopify platform for your e-commerce store. But one major selling feature that puts it above all the others is their connection to multiple marketplaces. Basically, Shopify allows for you to list your products on several different marketplace platforms. Some of the ones available are: eBay, Amazon, Lyst, Wanelo, Kik, Pinterest, Houzz, and Buzzfeed.

HOW TO PICK A SHOPIFY MARKETPLACE ON WHICH TO LIST YOUR PRODUCTSEach marketplace has their own pros and cons

You know as a business owner the hardest part is getting people to know about your products and special offers. That can be a true process. Marketing can and will always help (like social media and email marketing), but one way to get noticed is to tap into other marketplaces.

The thing is, though, each marketplace will have their own audience, nuances, and rules. Some may take a commission from you for every sale they send your way. Others may charge you a fee to list your items. Either way, there are costs and benefits to weigh when selecting a marketplace.

Things to consider

It may be tempting to hop on to every marketplace available. But we’d recommend starting out small with just one. Take your time with it, get familiar. Your best bet is to select the one that’s the best fit for your products.

Once you’ve selected which platform you’d like to use, you just have to log into Shopify and click the plus (+) sign under the sales channel. Select the marketplace channel you’re most interested in.

As you progressively get more and more familiar with a particular marketplace, you may then feel prepared to hop on another.

Marketplace Fees

Because we know you’re all interested, here’s a quick run down of the fees associated with each Shopify marketplace:


Fees: 15% average referral fee on orders, but it can be anywhere between 8-20%, depending on the product category. You’ll also need an Amazon Professional Sellers account which costs $39.99/month


Fees: Insertion fees for listing on eBay and/or commission on the total value of a sale (including shipping). You can find a breakdown of their fee structure in eBay’s help center or you can use their fee calculator.


Fees: 16% commission on all sales (before returns).


Fees: Wanelo charges a 15% commission on the subtotal for fulfilled orders, plus a 2.9% processing fee (this replaces Shopify’s processing fee for that order).


Fees: 10% commission on sales (excluding shipping and taxes).


Fees: None.


Fees: 15% commission on sales (before returns).


Fees: You set the commission rate, but it might impact whether your products get picked up by writers.

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