We have some great news for Shopify users on the basic plan! Everyone knows that reports are essential to understanding how to grow your business. Well, Shopify has just made some reporting updates for those of you on the basic plan! Now, get access to more robust Shopify analytics for your shop.

WIth this reporting update, you can determine how your online store and marketing campaigns are performing. Introducing three new reports for the Shopify basic plan: acquisition, behavior, and marketing.

Arya Creative Shopify improved reports graphicShopify analytics: updated reports


This report shows your store’s visitor acquisition. With this report you can see:

  • visits over time
  • visitors by referrer
  • visitors by location

Now, this report is so robust that it’s up-to-date when you open it, give or take a couple of seconds. If you refresh your browser, you’ll see new data. So, it’s just about as real-time as it gets. Keep in mind, this report only showcases¬†visitors to your site. It does not report on conversions or amount of orders. You can access detailed data for 90 days, but if you want more overall data for site visitors, access the summary of visitor data.


With this report, you can

  • better market your products both online and offline
  • upsell your best target audience
  • create promotional pricing and product bundles
  • increase your average order total

Now, determine how your customers are behaving on your site with this report. For instance, Shopify collects information about what your customers are searching for in your store’s search bar. You can use this data to ensure you have exactly what your customers are looking for; you can make sure those products are as easy to find and purchase as possible. This way, you are able to sell directly to your customer’s needs based on the data displayed in this Shopify analytics report.


This is where the gold is, in our opinion. With this report, you can determine how effective your marketing campaigns are. You can also learn about your conversions and track how your site visitors become paying customers.

It’s important to determine what leads shoppers to your website and what converts them into paying customers. Now, with this report, you can figure out which marketing channels are working for you.

If you’re ready to get started with your own online store, get in touch! We are Shopify experts and can get you set up for success!