Have you heard of augmented reality? Well, it has the potential to revolutionize mobile shopping. Shopify AR makes it possible to bring products to life through 3D models that you can size up, examine from all angles, and even put in the environment of your choosing.

It might seem like this feature could only ever be a pipe dream for small businesses. But Shopify is always committed to allowing small businesses the features and tools they need to level up. And now, Augmented Reality can be a true reality for your business.

augmented reality

Shopify Augmented reality

The Shopify services marketplace was created to help merchants create their 3D models of their products.

And Apple’s recently announced AR Quick Look allows for you to see these 3D models directly from the Safari browser in iOS 12 devices.

This accessibility will revolutionize the way people shop on their mobile devices.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Increase conversions; Augmented reality allows for the customer to truly get a feel for the product while browsing. This has proven to help customers feel more confident in their purchases.
  • Reduce returns; Because the customers feel more confident, they are less likely to return the product. They are able to better determine if the product is right for them through the 3D model.
  • Allows your customers to virtually access your “showroom;” This allows your customers to browse your entire collection and feel as if they’re walking through your showroom, comparing products.
  • Improves product descriptions; It can be tough to know if you’ve covered all your bases when writing product descriptions. You don’t want to be too wordy, but you also don’t want to leave out important information that could be the selling point for specific customers. With the AR 3D models, nothing gets left out.

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