Deciding which e-commerce platform is best for your online store can be tough. You want to be sure it’s user-friendly, robust, and powered to boost your sales. Shopify is ranked the top e-commerce platform by So if you’re searching for an e-commerce platform of your own, consider these five surprising features that the Shopify e-commerce platform has to offer.

shopify e-commerce platform: Five surprising features

1. Shopify experts: get a helping hand

Did you know that Shopify works with expert partners in programming, design, marketing, and photography? They do this in order for you to get the most out of your store despite your level of experience with the platform. You can find Shopify Experts in your area according to your need and budget on the Shopify site. However, you don’t have to hunt too far if that’s what you need. We just happen to be Shopify Experts ourselves. You can get in touch here.

2. Dropshipping: take the stress out of stocking inventory

Dropshipping introduces a whole new way to run an online store. Traditionally, you’d have to select a product and purchase a whole bunch of inventory. Talk about an up-front investment, huh? Now you can actually get started with little to no on-hand inventory!

Here’s the rundown. With dropshipping, when a customer purchases a product from your store, you then place that order with a third-party supplier who ships it to the customer. The customer, none-the-wiser, gets the impression that their order comes directly from you! This helps you give off the impression that you’re far more established than you really might be. Oh, and it eliminates the need to have a bedroom er, warehouse, stocked full of inventory.

3. Identify your best customers with profiles

So it’s safe to say you’ve done a little online shopping in your day, right? Well, then you’ve likely filled out some personal information about yourself when it comes time to check out. Shopify allows for your customers to create profiles which 1) saves them time at checkout across the entire Shopify platform and 2) helps you collect some important data.

Utilizing customer profiles allows you to track which customers bought what and to identify who your best customers are. With this information, you can super targeted emails, thus converting more sales.

4. Shopify pos; take your online store anywhere

Shopify’s POS app allows for you to do business anywhere. You no longer have to limit your sales to just online. Tempted by the pop-up craze? Plan to participate in a town festival? Now you can take payments wherever your business takes you with the Shopify card reader. All sales are automatically synced up with your Shopify account so you can keep accurate records of your inventory no matter where you do business.

5. Personalize shipping costs per customer

We’re pretty sure dealing with shipping calculations makes every online retailer groan. It can be such a hassle to nail down the perfect balance. Price your shipping too low and you could lose a lot of money. Price your shipping too high and your customers may run for the hills. But with real-time carrier shipping, your site can auto-calculate the exact costs of shipping for each customer based on their location and the size/weight of your product.

You’ll need to be sure to be on the advanced plan and choose a carrier (UPS, FEDEX, etc) to calculate these rates.

Is it safe to say your e-commerce platform search is over? If so, get in touch. We’d love to help you get a powerful start with your new business!