Shopify: Five tips to boost your businessIt’s no secret that the e-commerce market is fast moving. In order to maintain (and grow) a successful e-commerce business, you need to be quick to adapt to all the internet changes. The last thing you want is for your Shopify business to run stale. In order to ensure success, here are five important tips to help you boost your Shopify business!

Pay attention to SEO

It can (and usually will) take some time to build up, so it’s important to start working on your SEO as soon as possible.  Here are some ways to improve your SEO:

  • Google has announced its Mobile First Indexing, which means that it’ll be giving high priority to pages with better mobile experiences. Be sure to optimize your titles and meta tags for mobile devices. The character limits are a bit different for mobile Google SERP:
    • TITLES: 78 characters max. (On your desktop, it’s 70.)
    • META TAGS: between 100-120 characters max. (On your desktop it’s 320.)
  • Implement an SEO focused content marketing strategy. On and off-site SEO is important, but in order to take things to the next level, you need to incorporate a content strategy that is designed to help you reach your SEO goals.

Improve your SHOPIFY mobile experience

It’s likely that if you check your Google Analytics data you’ll find that over 50% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. Welcome to 2018! While most Shopify themes are mobile responsive, that just means that the pages are viewable on a mobile device. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your mobile experience.

  • Visit each of your site’s pages from a mobile device (and a tablet) and make note of anything that can be improved. You may want to work with a Shopify Expert on this. If that’s the case, get in touch!
  • Be sure to verify any time you add a new element to your website that it works with the mobile version of your site. This includes pop-ups, new tabs, images, etc.
  • Send emails to your customers that look great on mobile!

Give your customers a personalized shopping experience

With the constant improvements in data collection and technology, offering a personalized experience isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.

  • Utilize behavior-based product recommendations for your store. There are a number of Shopify apps that offer this feature.
  • Provide your customers with personalized coupons and discounts based on their shopping behavior or what products they have in their cart.
  • Send personalized automated emails based on your customer’s shopping behavior.

Incorporate interactive tools

Everyone knows that the average internet user has a very low attention span. Did you know, though, that it’s actually only 7 seconds?! That’s not much time to capture a lead’s attention. Use interactive tools to better your chances of converting a sale. Some of those tools are:

  • Chatbots
  • Interactive offers
  • Feedback requests


Establish a customer retention strategy

Okay, so acquiring new customers actually costs more than retaining existing customers. This is why you need a strategy in place to promote loyalty within your existing customer base. Harvard Business School states that if you can just improve your customer retention rate by just 5%, you can increase your revenue by 25-95%.


  • Using loyalty and reward programs
  • Delighting your customers with excellent customer service
  • Providing useful and informative content to your customers to stay top of mind
  • Retargeting your customers with your social media posts and personalized emails.