Time is your most valuable resource. Whether you’re managing a small team or your executive title is Cheif Do All The Things, time management is a top priority. Shopify knows you’re busy and trying to stay on top of everything. Running an online business can sometimes mean switching from app to app trying to stay as connected as possible. Well, with Shopify Ping, things just got a whole lot easier.

Shopify ping: what is it?

You rely on so many tools as an online business owner. And while each tool helps you in a unique way, you risk missing something in all the switching around. Shopify Ping will help you stay on top of everything. Manage your marketing flows and, most importantly, keep all of your customer conversations all together in one app.

Conversation hub

Chances are, you’re chatting with your customers on every platform available: Facebook Messenger, Rep.ai, ChatKit, etc. Well, now you can manage all of those conversations from one single app. With Shopify Ping, you can say goodbye to wasting your time switching from app to app.

Instead, you can spend your valuable time responding to questions quickly and building relationships with your customers.

Shopify Ping: simplify your business

With a growing list of features and future integrations, Shopify Ping is far more than a chat app. For now, one of the most impressive integrations is with Kit. Kit is a built-in assistant, and now with Shopify Ping, you can take Kit with you everywhere.

What does Kit do? Well, Kit will run Facebook & Instagram ads, email marketing, retargeting campaigns and more for you. Kit will also communicate with other apps to help you execute more complicated workflows. Sounds like a dream, right?

And now you can manage all of these things and your customer communication all in one place.

Shopify Ping is now available for download on iOS.¬†Sign up here to be the first to know when it’s released on Android.

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