Shopify is an incredibly robust platform. So robust, in fact, that there are plenty of things that you can do with Shopify that you probably haven’t realized yet. We’re spilling secrets today to make your e-commerce life just a little bit easier.

Shopify Secrets

1. shopify actually lets you add e-commerce to your existing website.

On a different site platform? No problem. With the Shopify buy now button, you can easily add e-commerce to your website without having to switch platforms entirely. The buy now button is hassle free and inexpensive. And a total site overhaul isn’t necessary! Unless of course, you want one, in which case you should get on our calendar. 

2. you can Start from scratch without pulling your hair out.

If you’re building an e-commerce business from nothing, trust us when we tell you Shopify is the way to go. If you’re planning to go at it on your own, Shopify is user-friendly, and their customer service is unbeatable.

3. you can Do more with your site when you use 3rd party integrations

If you spend just a few minutes browsing the Shopify App Store, you’ll realize how much more your site can do. You can sync up your accounting software (like Xero or Quickbooks) or connect your email marketing with MailChimp. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can expand your marketplace by selling on Amazon or Ebay. Whatever it is you’re looking to do, there’s likely an app to get it done. The app store features the following integrations:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Customer Service
  • Reporting
  • Inventory

4. you can Turn your social media followers into customers

Shopify has the social media e-commerce partnership channel which allows for you to do some pretty awesome stuff. You can actually integrate shopping into your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest platforms. This way, you can leverage your loyal, engaged audience with the in-platform shopping function. Turn your likes into dollar signs.

5. you can Maintain a mobile state of mind

Thanks to those nifty little devices we carry around in our pockets every day, the world has gone fully mobile. People are doing more from their phones these days than anywhere else. They’re booking plane tickets, turning on their lights, even unlocking their doors all from their smart phones. And they’re also shoppingA lot. With Shopify, your site will always be mobile friendly.

6. you can Make a unique statement with shopify themes

Browse the Shopify Theme Store for the perfect ready-to-use template. The 100+ beautifully crafted themes are organized by niche– so no matter what you’re selling (jewelry, fashion, electronics, furniture, etc) you’ll find what you’re looking for. These themes can easily be tweaked to fit your specific needs with the help of a designer.

If you’re ready to take your e-commerce store to the next level, get in touch. We’re branding specialist and Shopify experts!