Picking a website platform for your e-commerce business can seem a bit challenging. How are you supposed to know at your store’s conception all the things you might need to keep it running through the course of its life? We know, it can be hard to predict all the twists and turns. That’s why we recommend Shopify. It’s always working hard to stay up-to-date and provide everything a seller may need. And now, with the new Shopify App Store, you’re sure to discover the right apps to grow your business.

New Shopify App Store

Your business needs are unique over time. And that’s why Shopify has always been committed to providing its users with excellent integrations that keep your store running smoothly. In fact, 85% of Shopify merchants have said that they heavily rely on the apps to help them run their businesses. To date, developers have created thousands of Shopify apps. They can be used to start businesses, scale-up, and save time.

And as if that weren’t awesome enough, they just announced the launch of their new Shopify app store! So now it’s easier than ever to discover the apps that meet your needs.

What to expect from the new shopify app store

A beautiful redesign. Their revamped design makes for an improved experience both on mobile and desktop. They took your feedback into consideration to design a store that was simpler and easier to navigate.

Streamlined listings. Shopify created app listing pages that highlight key information you need to compare apps side by side. This way, you can quickly understand if an app is right for you or not.

More accurate search. They’ve used the data they have to make sure that the best apps for your business show up first. And to save you time, search results now show you important information at a glance like free trial details, ratings, and simplified descriptions.

Smarter recommendations. Shopify has also improved their recommendations engine based on patterns they see that drive success for your business.

Check out the new Shopify app store.

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