You probably already know that choosing to house your e-commerce site on Shopify is a good decision. The platform is powerful and designed to set its users up for success. And you can always count on the platform improving. The platform consistently announces Shopify updates that are sure to simplify your business. And in 2018, Shopify made some major improvements.


The best Shopify updates of 2018

Create flexible discounts

This Shopify update allows you to run flexible discounts that suit all of your various campaigns. This tool allows you to create percentage-based discounts, BOGO deals, and other discount incentives that you can measure.

Sell on Instagram

So, the wait was finally over in 2018. This highly anticipated Shopify update now allows its users to sell their products directly on the popular social networking platform. That’s right, your customers can complete their entire transaction without ever leaving Instagram.

Manage communications with Ping

One of the most exciting Shopify updates in 2018 is the introduction of Ping! This tool allows you to manage all of your customer conversations from all of the social networking platforms in one place. You can also manage all of your marketing efforts from Ping! as well. This update made for some major time saving.

Fulfill orders from anywhere

Did you know you can now fulfill orders and print shipping labels from anywhere using your mobile device? Well, you can! Shopify Shipping allows you to print shipping labels at the same time you fulfill the order.

Use Shopify Payments internationally

This popular tool finally went international in 2018. So, now you can use Shopify Payments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Shopify store today!

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