Time always seems to be in short supply, especially when you’re first starting out as a business owner. Establishing systems and processes, perfecting your product, and figuring everything out is time-consuming. Luckily for you, Shopify knows your time is valuable and continues to introduce new features to help you simplify your business.

Simplify your business with these  New Shopify Features

Fraud protect for Shopify payments.

Fulfilling orders can be especially time-consuming. But with fraud protect, you can fulfill protected orders with confidence. When you activate this new feature, Shopify will actually analyze each eligible order for fraud for you. For each protected order, you’ll be charged a small fee. But Shopify will actually automatically reimburse the chargeback if any of the protected orders end up resulting in a chargeback due to fraud.

This feature will eliminate a hugely time-consuming part of your order fulfillment process. And it’ll be available soon for US merchants.


Let us guess, you have inventory in pretty much every place imaginable. In your guest room, the trunk of your car, your warehouse, maybe you even have some stuffed under your bed. Managing that inventory can be a time-consuming nightmare because it’s hard to know exactly how much you have and where exactly it is.  Well, Shopify knows that things can get fairly untraditional for online business owners, so they’re introducing a new feature with you in mind. Locations will allow for you to manage your inventory across all of your locations all in one place.

All you’ll have to do is add a new location and allocate the appropriate inventory to it.

Package Pickups

As if processing orders weren’t time-consuming enough, you still have to find the time to load up your car and make a stop at the dreaded post office. Well, what if we told you all that is changing soon? That’s right! Once again, Shopify swoops in with the save. If you’re shipping with UPS via Shopify Shipping, you can actually schedule a pickup directly in Shopify. For a small per pickup fee ( $4), a driver will come to your door and save you a load of time.

Though the month is nearly over, you can still take advantage of this offer.  Every US-based store using Shopify Shipping and UPS will be able to book 5 free pickups for May 2018. Learn more here.

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