Hubspot was created as a solution to a big problem. Customers had gotten really good at blocking out interruptive marketing and sales tactics. Direct mail, email blasts, and cold calls just weren’t as effective as they used to be. Founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Hallgan developed Hubspot to offer businesses a fresh approach to marketing and sales that works.


Hubspot CRM

Free CRM: Make it personal

Old school, interruptive marketing lacked personal connection. Customers would feel annoyed and bothered by the uninvited pop-up or call. But with Hubspot, you can keep track of all of your customers (free for life!) and adjust your marketing strategy to suit each individual customer. With everything all in one place, you’ll waste less time and drop fewer leads.

Marketing: a new approach

Ever heard the phrase “all-in-one” in a sales pitch only to later learn the company didn’t actually mean all-in-one? Well, with Hubspot, their marketing software really is all-in-one. Their tools are built to help you launch effective marketing campaigns that are designed to make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer.

Their software helps companies like yours attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Sales: science not magic

Back in the day, if you were good at sales, people chalked it up to some kind of magic. But now, thanks to data, if you’re good at sales, people can explain why. And the good news is, because of the way data influences sales tactics, you can be good at sales. Hubspot designed a suite of tools that help sales reps prospect, connect, and present more effectively.

e-commerce Integration

Since Shopify is always looking for ways to make business even easier for their customers, they’ve partnered up. This integration allows for Shopify merchants to bring important sales data into the Hubspot platform such as customers, orders, and products.

Partnering Hubspot’s powerful insights with sales data will allow Shopify users to more effectively target customers, design strategic marketing campaigns, and close customers.

Integrate your Shopify store with the powerful tool!

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