It’s likely you’re experiencing a good surge in sales at the moment. The holiday season can prove to be very lucrative for e-commerce businesses if they play their cards right. And we bet you did. But you might be wondering how you can turn your holiday shoppers into repeat customers. Well, we have a few tips and tricks to help you accomplish just that. 

Turn holiday shoppers into repeat customers

There are plenty of tactics that you can introduce right now to nurture the relationship with your holiday shoppers. And it’s really as simple as having excellent customer service and implementing an email marketing system. Need some help in that department? We have you covered. 

Exceed customer expectations. Consistently.

In this day and age, it’s a very real possibility that there are hundreds if not thousands of stores offering your exact product. And we all know that it’s the customer’s experience that will keep them coming back for more. It’s very easy to meet a customer’s expectations and sadly, it’s easy to disappoint them, too. So go the extra mile and exceed those expectations each and every time. Implement systems and strategies to make them feel seen, heard, and taken care of such as:

  • Send personalized thank you notes or emails
  • Reward them for their purchase by offering them a personal, exclusive discount, coupon, or gift card.
  • Proactively check in on them after their sale.
  • Provide excellent lightning fast customer service.
  • Be interactive and engaging on your social media platforms–read: respond to your customers!

Promote your loyalty program; don’t have one? Create one.

It’s been proven that customers who belong to loyalty programs spend more money. A loyalty program is a great way to encourage your customers to shop more and prevent your customers from slipping away. 

This program gives you the chance to offer them great opportunities to receive even more value. But you might need to establish a creative way to encourage your holiday shoppers to join the program. Some options would be to offer them a discount, a free upgrade, or a small gift with enrollment.

 Nurture your relationships through strategic emails

Email marketing is about so much more than just sending sale notifications, coupons and discounts. Sure, it’s great to stay in touch with your customers in general, but take it to the next level by giving them a reason to care. Implement an email strategy that includes:

  • Educational content that will help them get the most out of your product or solve common issues they may face.
  • Entertaining content that gets them emotionally engaged with your brand.
  • Customer stories that your reader can connect to.
  • A display of your brand’s culture. Share your messaging, brand story, company mission. It might feel weird to make these emails all about you–but that’s okay sometimes, especially when you’re trying to nurture the relationship. You gotta give them a reason to care about you.

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