We chatted last week about Instagram Best Practices, but there’s an element of the platform that deserves a post of its own: Instagram Stories. This feature, adopted from SnapChat, brings the insta back into Instagram. Where feeds are now largely curated and scheduled content, you get to show up in real time for your audience with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories: A run down

This started out as an add-on feature, but it’s quickly developed into an essential part of the platform. This feature allows you to share short-lived photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours. But with the introduction of story ads and highlights, the feature has turned into a powerful e-commerce marketing tool.

How to use Instagram Stories for your business

1. Share content created by your customers

This strategy works in your favor in several different ways. By sharing user-generated content, you:

  • Offer proof of customer-satisfaction and engagement to your audience.
  • Show your audience they’re being seen.
  • Eliminate the need to create content yourself.

2. Obtain user-generated content

With the use of polls, stickers, questions, and text, you can request engagement from your audience. Ask them to share their photos, tag your account, offer their opinions. This allows for you to generate immediate user-proof!

3. Share real-time moments & events

Have you ever heard of FOMO? The fear of missing out? Well, by promoting events using Instagram Stories, you can provoke FOMO. Sharing real-time moments with event details can help you increase your event attendance. Don’t worry, the promotion doesn’t have to be in real-time. You can always use saved images and videos from previous events to promote upcoming events!

4. Showcase authenticity

Like we mentioned earlier, Instagram Feeds have taken the insta out of Instagram. But with Instagram Stories, you can show off your quirkiness along with some behind-the-scenes action. Let your customers connect with you in an authentic way.

5. Live action

Instagram Stories introduced the ability to go LIVE on Instagram. This way you can broadcast live directly from your mobile device. This offers your audience the chance to interact with you in real time. The best part; once a live broadcast is over, you can set it to share alongside your regular stories!

So, are you already using Instagram Stories to connect with your audience? If so, share how!

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